A chatbot for GPs!

Ask me anything about General Practice! This tool is designed for General Practice teams to use.

Need a policy or a letter to reject workload? Just ask!

Wondering if a colleague's request is appropriate? Simply ask.

Need clarity on any aspect of General Practice? This tool will [try and] explain it to you.


Can now produce patient facing letters, SMS messages and tables of info (QOF!) .

CQC Policies: It now does CQC questions/policies!

GP trainers: Create vignettes to discuss with trainees.

Practice Managers: Create Policies in seconds!!!

Remember, once you have asked a question, you can ask it to be more specific, change the tone, or even the length of it's response!

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Please remember that this is a site which uses AI to provide it's information! It is for testing purposes only and the information should be double checked before being relied on.

Full disclaimer

Recent Updates

Added a more prominent Feedback button.
DPIA & Disclaimer updated.
Now suggests NHS England reference documents which allows users to click to get taken through to them.
Added @ankit__ai twitter account to highlight functionality.
Added a link for Buy me a Coffee (following requests from other GPs).
Added information from the BMAs campaign "Protect your patients, protect your GP practice" including the survival kit.
Reduced the ability for it to answer questions on Cats, butts and poo (again). 
Cotextually aware of CQC Policies, KLE and mythbusters!
Reduced the ability for my kids to spam with questions about Pokémon, Rubik's cube and poo.
Now writes policies and associated letters.
Removed ability for the bot to recommend how to kill patients. (Thanks Dave)
Narrower focus on policies & regulations.
Reduced ability for the bot to weigh in on clinical decisions.
Added MAP information with regards to PAs and supervision.